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Fear Less Super Soft Muscle Tank

Sale price€45,95 EUR
Color:Vintage White

The Eden Ashram muscle tank features a flattering, slightly fitted cut that softly drapes around curves. Modern elongated armholes and curved bottom hem.

S 30-32 6-8 32-34 2-4
M 32-34 10 36-38 6
L 34-36 12 40-42 8
XL 36-38 14 44 10


scoop muscle tanks image
Restores 25 cm² of coral reef The coral reef restoration serves to rebuild crucial coastal ecosystems. You can track your impact after purchase.
Our 'Fear Less' graphic is a clever interplay of typography that visually separates the words but also creates a dual reading, cleverly transforming the seemingly negative "Fear" into the empowering concept of "Fearless." The deliberate design choice embodies the essence of conquering fear and embracing a fearless mindset.  In shedding the shackles of fear, we unveil our true selves, unencumbered by doubts. Fearless living fosters spiritual growth, unveiling boundless potential and resilience. It is through this mindset that we transcend limitations, connect with divine purpose, and manifest our destinies. By navigating challenges with courage, we attune our spirits to universal energies, fostering inner peace and collective harmony. Fearlessness is the key to unlocking the doors of spiritual evolution, guiding us toward a life infused with purpose, love, and profound fulfillment.
Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.
Eco Friendly | Side Seamed | 65% Poly,  35% Viscose | 100% zero sweatshop manufacturing | Carbon neutral delivery | Recycled paper mailing bag | The purchase of this item replants 25sqcm of sea coral with every purchase
Eden Ashram Fear Less Super Soft Muscle Tank Vintage White
Fear Less Super Soft Muscle Tank Sale price€45,95 EUR