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Cosmic Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt

Aanbiedingsprijs€54,95 EUR

Being 'Cosmic' is like feeling connected to the universe on a deep, almost mystical level. It's more than just looking up at the stars - it's sensing that everything is intertwined. You feel part of something vast and timeless, like your spirit dances among galaxies. It's an awareness that life's mysteries and wonders go beyond our everyday reality, blending science with a touch of the magical. It's that awe and humility you get when you realize how small you are in the grand scheme but also how integral. To be 'Cosmic' is to live with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a profound respect for the universe's infinite beauty and complexity.

Beautiful premium Cosmic print on our bestselling, 5-star customer-rated, super soft, 100% combed organic cotton, rolled sleeve t-shirt. It's a super premium t-shirt that looks amazing and feels amazing. You won't want to take it off! Perfect attire whether you are wearing it on a night out, heading down to the yoga studio or simply grabbing a coffee on a Sunday afternoon.

Every premium stonewash t-shirt we make is manufactured using only the finest ethical & sustainable 100% organic, Peta vegan-approved cotton. We then apply a premium print using the finest quality eco-friendly printing inks, and then each and every t-shirt is finished by hand before being individually wrapped and ready for sending to you.

100% Combed Organic Cotton | Organic Product | PETA Vegan approved | Climate neutral manufacture | GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard | Carbon neutral delivery | Recycled paper mailing bag | The purchase of this item plants a new tree

Eden Ashram Cosmic Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt Stonewash Black
Cosmic Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt Aanbiedingsprijs€54,95 EUR