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Meditate 2.0 Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Sale price€102,95 EUR
Colour:Vintage White | Warning

All our premium organic sweatshirts feature a classic medium fit cut and are unisex and suitable for everyone.


XXS 46.5cm 60cm 36" 6 34 2
XS 49cm 62cm 38" 8 36 4
S 51.5cm 67cm 40" 10 38
M 54cm 71cm 42" 12  40
L 57cm 73cm 44" 14 42 10
XL 60cm 75cm 46" 16 44 12
XXL 63cm 77cm 48" 18 46 14


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Plants 1 tree The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities. You can track your impact after purchase.

[Scene opens to a hazy, sepia-toned backdrop of a tranquil garden, where a woman wearing bell-bottoms and a 70's inspired graphic t-shirt, sits cross-legged under a majestic oak tree, bathed in soft, golden sunlight. The scene exudes an air of serenity and peace.]

Narrator (with a smooth, deep voice): "In this fast-paced world, where the hustle and bustle of life can leave you feeling drained and disconnected, there's a secret to rediscovering your inner harmony."

[Camera zooms in on the woman, who closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly, demonstrating the essence of mindfulness.]

Narrator: "Introducing Meditation—the timeless practice that allows you to escape the noise and chaos of modern living."

[Cut to close-ups of the woman's peaceful face as she meditates, capturing the essence of tranquility.]

Narrator: "Just like a well-crafted cigarette was once the epitome of sophistication, Meditation now takes center stage as the ultimate embodiment of elegance and composure."

[The scene shifts to a group of diverse individuals of the '70s era, all dressed in colorful, flowing clothes, sitting in a circle outdoors, meditating together under the shade of the oak tree.]

Narrator: "Join the revolution of relaxation, as we gather together in unity, embracing the serene allure of Meditation."

[The camera pans over to a table adorned with incense sticks, meditation cushions, and soothing wind chimes, creating a visually enchanting tableau.]

Narrator: "Rediscover yourself, as you embark on a journey within. It's a timeless tradition that requires no fancy gimmicks, just your presence."

[A serene, melodious tune from a sitar starts playing softly in the background, adding a mystical touch to the scene.]

Narrator: "Inhale the serenity, exhale the stress. Meditation—because true beauty and inner peace never go out of style."

[The camera fades out as the word "Meditation" appears in stylish, 70s-inspired font]

Narrator: "Meditation. Find your inner harmony, and let the world simply fade away."

[The screen fades to black, leaving viewers with a sense of calm and a desire to explore the timeless practice of Meditation.]

Meditation seriously helps you and those around you!

If you're looking for the ultimate, wear-anywhere item, that goes with everything and feels amazing on, then this is it!   Our premium crew neck sweatshirt is super comfortable and is perfect worn on its own or layered up with a t-shirt on cooler days. Pair with your favourite leggings or jeans to complete the look! 
As always, this item is ethically and sustainably produced using only the finest environmental & planet-friendly organic/recycled fabrics available. Each sweatshirt is expertly made and individually finished by hand. This is no normal sweatshirt.
Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.
85% Combed Certified Organic Cotton - 15% Recycled Poly | PeTA - Vegan Approved | Fair Wear Approved | GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard | EOKO-TEX 100 Standard | No harmful substances used | Recycled paper mailing bag | Carbon neutral delivery | The purchase of this item collects 1kg of ocean-bound plastic
Please note that we have produced 2 graphical versions of our meditate print. One features the 'Health Warning" and the others do not. If you want the one with the warning please select the colour option with 'Warning' in the title!
Eden Ashram Meditate 2.0 Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt Vintage White | Warning
Meditate 2.0 Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt Sale price€102,95 EUR