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Yoga Punk Camden Tank

Sale price€48,95 EUR
Eden Ashram Camden Tank Size Guide
The Eden Ashram Camden Tank Size Chart.
XS 43.5cm 64 cm 6 34 2
S 46 cm 65 cm 8 36 4
M 48.5 cm 66 cm 10 38 6
L 51 cm 67 cm 12 40 8
XL 53.5 cm 68 cm 14 42 10
XXL 56 cm 69 cm 16 44 12
Please note that measurements can vary within 2.5 cm. This is within our tolerance. 
Restores 25 cm² of coral reef The coral reef restoration serves to rebuild crucial coastal ecosystems. You can track your impact after purchase.

Picture this: the Yoga Punk, a rebel with a mat. This avant-garde guru effortlessly blends zen vibes with a touch of defiance, rocking meditation beads and inked mantras. It's a cosmic collision of mindfulness and mischief, where sun salutations meet street cred. In a world obsessed with extremes, the Yoga Punk embraces the yin and yang, transcending the confines of convention. They're the embodiment of serenity in chaos, proving that inner peace is the ultimate rebellion. In a society craving authenticity, the Yoga Punk navigates the urban jungle with a namaste and a wink, proving that balance isn't just for the mat—it's a lifestyle. Welcome to the revolution where downward dog meets downtown cool, and enlightenment is the new black. Namaste, rebels!

Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.

Introducing, our all-new amazing Camden Tank, inspired by the vibrant spirit of Camden, London—a hub of style, music, fashion, and culture. This muscle-style tank is crafted from 100% combed cotton, ensuring ultimate softness, breathability and comfort. The flattering cut is designed to complement all body shapes, making it a versatile wardrobe staple.

Whether you're flowing through yoga poses, lounging at the beach, dancing at a music festival, hitting the club, or catching up with friends at a coffee shop, the Camden Tank is your go-to piece. Its sleek design provides the perfect canvas for our unique, creative prints, allowing you to express your individuality and stay effortlessly chic. Embrace the essence of Camden's cool, eclectic vibe with this must-have tank.

Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.

Eco Friendly | Side Seamed | 100% Combed Cotton | 100% Zero Sweatshop Manufacturing | Carbon Neutral Delivery | Recycled Paper Mailer | The purchase of this item replants 25sqcm of sea coral with every purchase

Eden Ashram Yoga Punk Camden Tank Black
Yoga Punk Camden Tank Sale price€48,95 EUR