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Mystical Warrior Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Sale price771,00 DKK

All our premium organic sweatshirts feature a classic medium fit cut and are unisex and suitable for everyone.


XXS 46.5cm 60cm 36" 6 34 2
XS 49cm 62cm 38" 8 36 4
S 51.5cm 67cm 40" 10 38
M 54cm 71cm 42" 12  40
L 57cm 73cm 44" 14 42 10
XL 60cm 75cm 46" 16 44 12
XXL 63cm 77cm 48" 18 46 14


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Plants 1 tree The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities. You can track your impact after purchase.
To be a mystical warrior is to embark on a profound journey within oneself, armed not with weapons of destruction, but with the tools of love, compassion, and inner wisdom. It is a quest to conquer the battles of the ego, to transcend the illusions of separateness, and to unveil the divine essence that resides within every being. The mystical warrior walks the path of enlightenment, understanding that true strength lies in humility and the ability to remain calm amidst life's storms. They harness the power of meditation and self-discovery to connect with the universal consciousness, recognizing that we are all interconnected threads in the tapestry of existence. As mystical warriors, we strive to inspire and uplift others, spreading light and awakening to the boundless love that flows through us, embracing the oneness of all creation.
Our extraordinary Mystical Warrior sweatshirt is a masterpiece of sustainable fashion. Crafted with 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled poly, it's a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious design. The feel of this sweatshirt is nothing short of sublime, with a luxurious touch against your skin.

Our focus on an impeccable flattering fit ensures that you not only look good but feel comfortable throughout your day. Each piece is meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans who pour their expertise into every stitch. We take pride in the details, from the precisely tailored silhouette to the resilient, eco-friendly inks used in our prints. Our organic cotton reduces environmental impact, and the recycled poly breathes new life into materials that would otherwise go to waste. Plus with every item we sell, we provide an additional eco pledge that you can track after purchase. Each sweatshirt is a statement of style, comfort, and sustainability. Wrapped with care, every piece is sent to our customers as a symbol of our dedication to a more conscious and fashion-forward world. 

Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.

85% Combed Certified Organic Cotton - 15% Recycled Poly | PeTA - Vegan Approved | Fair Wear Approved | GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard | EOKO-TEX 100 Standard | No harmful substances used | Recycled paper mailing bag | Carbon neutral delivery | The purchase of this item collects 1kg of ocean-bound plastic
Eden Ashram Mystical Warrior Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt Burgundy
Mystical Warrior Premium Crew Neck Sweatshirt Sale price771,00 DKK