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Article: Planting Trees For Chimpanzees

Planting Trees For Chimpanzees

Planting Trees For Chimpanzees

We are delighted to confirm our most recent tree purchase🌲.

With the help of it's customers Eden Ashram has purchased another 500 trees.

Along with our partner onetreplanted this time we are planting these 'Trees for Chimpanzees!' This is an amazing project in Uganda 🇺🇬 supporting the Jane Goodall Institute who are looking to plant 3 million trees in total as part of a broad long-term and large-scale initiative that will connect forests for wildlife, established tree nurseries, strengthen forest monitoring and law-enforcement to prevent future deforestation, promote agroforestry practices to integrate trees into farming systems, and much more! The restoration of these forests will contribute to carbon sequestration, support ecosystem functioning such as water catchment, engage local communities in sustainable practices, and maintain a habitat for highly endangered species relying on the Albertine Rift for their survival – including the endangered chimpanzee.

trees for chimpanzees.  one tree planted

We plant a tree with every order you make with Eden Ashram. Thank you so much for your support so far. You are amazing.

Together we’re doing fashion differently.

XX ❤️❤️

Tree planting certificate

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