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Not all things are equal. At Eden Ashram we do things differently from most mainstream or high-street clothing brands.

We believe in building a brand that actively gives back to the planet, rather than just taking from it, making the very existence of the company a good thing for us all. This grounding principle is evident within every part of our business model, from design & manufacturing, to the delivery of products to our customers and beyond....

Unlike the old-fashioned process of fashion production where products are manufactured in far away lands months/years in advance and then transported half way round the world only to then be stored in vast warehouses waiting to be sold (or not) we instead produce products on-demand only using resources needed exactly when they are wanted. Creating fashion on demand, and to order, presents a multitude of eco benefits that contribute to a more sustainable future. By producing garments in response to customer demand, we essentially eliminate overproduction and excess inventory, thereby reducing waste. This approach ensures that resources, such as materials and energy, are utilized far more efficiently, and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint associated with fashion production. Additionally, our new approach involves local production, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and associated emissions. Embracing on-demand fashion not only reduces environmental impact but also promotes a shift towards a more circular economy, where resources are used responsibly, and the lifespan of garments is extended through repair, reuse, and recycling.

We will only ever use eco-friendly premium, sustainable, organic and recycled ethical fabrics, and always use environmentally friendly packaging and mailing bags. And where there is unavoidable carbon produced, like in the delivery of items to customers, we also ensure we offset this completely on every single order with accredited carbon offset schemes. These actions alone would put Eden Ashram on the highest level of sustainability of any fashion business on the planet, but we also go further and engage all our customers in the ongoing sustainability story.... 

With every product sold, we also undertake an environmental positive action, like planting a tree, collecting ocean-bound plastic or restoring sea coral, with independent verified providers, and all our customers can track this impact linked to their purchase post-purchase. Watch the team as they carry out your pledge and you can keep track of the progress over time. This is a game changer and what sets Eden Ashram apart from other brands. This is what you call a sustainable, climate-positive business.



With the help of our amazing customers and partners onetreeplanted, Ecologi and Verdn, Eden Ashram has already planted over 16,500 new trees in gold-accredited replanting schemes around the world. Our trees have been planted in the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Madagascar and more. We hope to plant thousands more every single year. And with your help, we can.

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