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New Beginning - Exciting Times!

As part of our continued effort to be the most eco-friendly and sustainable fashion business we can be, we are excited to announce that will be moving our entire production and printing of garments to our all-new, on-demand production facility. Rather than manufacture thousands of products in advance, and then store these products in heated warehouses, waiting for them to be sold, all whilst wasting valuable energy and resources, we will instead now complete the final production stage of our garments at the point when an order is placed. Every item will therefore be made to order just for you. This results in an extremely efficient, (almost) zero-waste fashion business, only ever using resources as they are needed.


  1. LARGER COLLECTION. More choice! As we don’t need to hold any stock we can offer a much larger collection of products, prints, colours and sizes. We will even be expanding into menswear! 
  2. BETTER AVAILABILITY. It’s nice that we sold out of many of our items so often, but it was also frustrating. For you because you couldn't get what you wanted when you wanted it, and for us as we missed out on revenue selling you that item. With our new production model, we will have far fewer ‘out-of-stock’ moments, meaning more of the items you want will be available, more often when you want them!
  3. SAME PREMIUM QUALITY. Nothing changes to the quality of the garments or prints we produce and they will be the same premium quality items you have grown to love, plus lots of new options too!
  4. MORE ECO-FRIENDLY. The largest winner here by far is our planet. And like everything we do at Eden Ashram, this is our primary reason for making this move. Too many resources are wasted in the fashion business through manufacturing, transporting and storing products worldwide. With our new manufacturing process, we will only consume exactly what is needed and have no need to store products or hold any large stock holding. Everything is made to order so will be extremely efficient with (almost) zero waste.
  5. MORE ECO IMPACT. A larger range and better availability of our products will mean we will sell more! And as every product we sell comes with an eco pledge (Tree Planting, Coral Planting & Plastic Collection) we will be doing more of this helping our planet in a positive way with every single item purchased. All of this impact you can track after purchase.
  6. MENSWEAR! As mentioned before we will be expanding our sizing and introducing new t-shirt cuts and clothing options that are unisex to make our products more accessible to everyone, and this includes men! Since we launched we have received hundreds of requests from men regarding them wanting our products / prints in sizing and cuts suitable for them, but our resources and warehouse weren’t big enough to offer this. Now we can! So very soon you will start to see our new unisex t’s and larger sweatshirt sizing becoming available along with so much more! 

Is there a catch? Nope. None! The only small change you will see will be linked to us making the product for you. As every item is now made to order there will be an approx 3-4 day lead time after purchase for our team to make all items and prepare them for dispatch to you. And we hope as we master our new approach, that this lead time will reduce to 1-2 days. A small and insignificant price to pay for all the other benefits and choices to you and a huge eco benefit to our planet and its limited resources. We think one day all fashion businesses will be run this way. For now, we are happy to lead the way.


Eden Ashram Team xx