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Not all things are equal. At Eden Ashram we do things differently to most 'mainstream' or 'high street' clothing brands. We believe in building a business that actively gives back to the planet rather than just take. This is true within every part of our business, from manufacturing through to delivery of products to our customers. For example, we will only ever use eco manufacturers, we pay people fairly for their work, we use sustainable organic and recycled fabrics and we choose to use recycled paper mailing bags to send you your order and will never use single use poly mailers. And where there is unavoidable carbon produced (like in the delivery of items to customers) we ensure we offset this completely with accredited carbon offset schemes. Every single employee at Eden Ashram is also credited 'Climate Positive' meaning every aspect of their work at Eden Ashram that might contribute carbon is offset completely. Oh, and we also plant a new tree with every order placed. This is what you call a sustainable business.


Since we launched our website in March 2020, Eden Ashram has planted thousands of new trees around the world. We have helped offset over 10,000 kg of carbon emissions, helped protect nearly 20,000 m2 of forest and have maintained a climate positive workforce though out. But this is just the beginning....


We use a number of different  manufacturers to produce our clothing but ethical, sustainable production lies at the heart of production for all. For example, many of our current garments are produced in an integrated garment factory in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The factory is powered by green renewable energy from low impact materials and as a result the manufacturing footprint for our products is 90% less than some other comparable fashion brands.

The factory also retrieves 95% of the treated water it uses for re-use. They also retrieve valuable byproducts from the waste water such as micro dust which is used as manure in their gardens, while salt recovered through a multiple-effect evaporator is in turn used at their softening plants. All in all this enables them to function as a Zero Discharge Facility. Then all our garments are packed in recycled biodegradable corrugated boxes.



Every single product we make is produced in an ECO friendly way. Primarily this is linked to the way the garment factories operate but also in the fabrics we choose. All of the T-Shirts, Tanks and Sweatshirts we make are all made from 100% Organic Indian Cotton or recycled Poly. 


It is estimated that we use over 5 trillion single use plastic / mailing bags every year. That's over 160,000 bags a second and nearly 700 per person per year  for every single person on the planet. This needs to stop. 

Every single mailing bag we use is (and will always be) 100% ECO friendly and sustainable. All Eden Ashram mailing bags are made from recycled paper which themselves can be recycled and reused again and again. Our product swing tags are also made from 100% recycled paper and we use eco friendly string attachments. This isn't the end and we can still improve. We are still working on a better solution to the plastic product protective bags for garments, but we choose ones that are made from recycled plastic that again can be recycled and reused.


One of the biggest contributors of carbon emissions into our planet is through the shipping of goods around the World. Eden Ashram wanted all our customers to have complete peace of mind that their order wasn't adding to this. At no extra cost to our customers Eden Ashram pays to offset 100% of all delivery carbon emissions on every order to make every order we send carbon neutral. 

Eden Ashram is currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama. This is a Verified Carbon Standard certified project.

You can find out more about this project by clicking on the button below...


Along with all the other actions we take to be a responsible fashion brand, we also wanted to do something amazing that had a long lasting effect. Something extra that would truly benefit the planet and everyone on it for many years to come. So we decided to plant a tree with every order received. ONE ORDER = ONE TREE planted. 

With our partners ONETREEPLANTED and Ecologi we fund tree planting programmes around the World. Not only does the tree help cut carbon in our atmosphere but can also provide food and income for the local community. 

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