Not all things are equal

Not all things are equal. At Eden Ashram we do things differently to most 'mainstream' or 'high street' clothing brands. Certainly we fundementally believe in 'quality not quantity' - but we also believe in building a business and a brand that actively gives back to the planet rather than just take from it. This grounding principle is evident within every part of our business, from design & manufacturing through to the delivery of products to our customers. For example, we will only ever use eco manufacturers, we pay people fairly for their work, we use sustainable organic and recycled fabrics and we choose to use recycled paper mailing bags to send you your order and will never use single use poly mailers. And where there is unavoidable carbon produced (like in the delivery of items to customers) we ensure we offset this completely with accredited carbon offset schemes. Every single employee at Eden Ashram is also credited 'Climate Positive' meaning every aspect of their work at Eden Ashram that might contribute carbon is offset completely. Oh, and we also plant a new tree with every order placed. This is what you call a sustainable climate positive business.

Our Trees

With the help of our amazing customers Eden Ashram has already planted over 10,000 new trees in gold accredited replanting schemes around the world. Our trees have been planted in the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Madagascar. We hope to plant 10,000 more every single year. And with your help we can.