We know the best referral comes from people we know. If you like us, then don't keep it secret, let your friends know too and you'll both be rewarded when your friend makes a purchase.
But as with all promotions and discounts there are rules to follow so here's how it works!
  • Our Referral Program allows you to earn money toward future purchases by referring friends, family and other cool people to Eden Ashram. By participating in the Referral Program, you agree to abide by our Referral Program Terms & Conditions and Eden Ashram's Privacy Policy.
  • Referrer: Anyone can refer a Friend, regardless of if you’ve ordered from Eden Ashram in the past or not.
  • Friend: Friends you refer must be new customers to Eden Ashram and they should use the referral code for their first purchase.
  • Refer-a-Friend Codes:
    • The Referrer can send a one-time 20% discount code to as many Friends as you like, which can be used towards their first purchase of £50+ at Eden Ashram.
    • When the Friend(s) make(s) a purchase, a reward email is sent to the initial referrer with a one-time £10 discount code that can be applied by the Referrer towards a purchase of £50+ at Eden Ashram.
    • Codes must be redeemed online at edenashram.com
  • Restrictions:
    • Gift cards are excluded and codes cannot be applied to them. 
    • Credits are not valid for cash or cash equivalent, and cannot be transferred to other people or accounts.
    • Codes cannot be combined with any other Eden Ashram offers.
    • Members of the same household cannot refer each other.
    • Good for orders of full-priced items only.
    • Codes and links are not to be shared on discount code websites, noticeboards or other general access public boards either online or otherwise. All referrals are tracked and where we find misuse or abuse of the promotion we reserve the right to cancel orders, accounts, awards and discounts. 


Not all things are equal

Not all things are equal. At Eden Ashram we do things differently to most 'mainstream' or 'high street' clothing brands. Certainly we fundementally believe in 'quality not quantity' - but we also believe in building a business and a brand that actively gives back to the planet rather than just take from it. This grounding principle is evident within every part of our business, from design & manufacturing through to the delivery of products to our customers. For example, we will only ever use eco manufacturers, we pay people fairly for their work, we use sustainable organic and recycled fabrics and we choose to use recycled paper mailing bags to send you your order and will never use single use poly mailers. And where there is unavoidable carbon produced (like in the delivery of items to customers) we ensure we offset this completely with accredited carbon offset schemes. Every single employee at Eden Ashram is also credited 'Climate Positive' meaning every aspect of their work at Eden Ashram that might contribute carbon is offset completely. Oh, and we also plant a new tree with every order placed. This is what you call a sustainable climate positive business.