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Meditate 2.0 Premium Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt

Sale price$49.00 USD
Color:Red Simple

The Eden Ashram premium rolled sleeve t-shirt features a flattering female-centric cut, curved hem and fashion-focused rolled sleeves. 

S 36.5 8 36 4
M 38.5 10 38 6
L 40.5 12 40 8
XL 41.5 14  42  10


new-rolled sleeve t-shirt

[Scene opens to a hazy, sepia-toned backdrop of a tranquil garden, where a woman wearing bell-bottoms and a 70's inspired graphic t-shirt, sits cross-legged under a majestic oak tree, bathed in soft, golden sunlight. The scene exudes an air of serenity and peace.]

Narrator (with a smooth, deep voice): "In this fast-paced world, where the hustle and bustle of life can leave you feeling drained and disconnected, there's a secret to rediscovering your inner harmony."

[Camera zooms in on the woman, who closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly, demonstrating the essence of mindfulness.]

Narrator: "Introducing Meditation—the timeless practice that allows you to escape the noise and chaos of modern living."

[Cut to close-ups of the woman's peaceful face as she meditates, capturing the essence of tranquility.]

Narrator: "Just like a well-crafted cigarette was once the epitome of sophistication, Meditation now takes center stage as the ultimate embodiment of elegance and composure."

[The scene shifts to a group of diverse individuals of the '70s era, all dressed in colorful, flowing clothes, sitting in a circle outdoors, meditating together under the shade of the oak tree.]

Narrator: "Join the revolution of relaxation, as we gather together in unity, embracing the serene allure of Meditation."

[The camera pans over to a table adorned with incense sticks, meditation cushions, and soothing wind chimes, creating a visually enchanting tableau.]

Narrator: "Rediscover yourself, as you embark on a journey within. It's a timeless tradition that requires no fancy gimmicks, just your presence."

[A serene, melodious tune from a sitar starts playing softly in the background, adding a mystical touch to the scene.]

Narrator: "Inhale the serenity, exhale the stress. Meditation—because true beauty and inner peace never go out of style."

[The camera fades out as the word "Meditation" appears in stylish, 70s-inspired font]

Narrator: "Meditation. Find your inner harmony, and let the world simply fade away."

[The screen fades to black, leaving viewers with a sense of calm and a desire to explore the timeless practice of Meditation.]

Meditation seriously helps you and those around you.
Every premium stonewash t-shirt we make is manufactured using only the finest ethical & sustainable 100% organic Peta vegan-approved cotton, which is then individually dyed to achieve its unique stonewash effect. This process makes every stonewash t-shirt we make unique. We then apply a premium print using the finest quality eco-friendly printing inks, and then each and every t-shirt is then finished by hand before being individually wrapped and ready for sale.
Crafted with love and infused with positive vibrations.
100% Combed Organic Cotton | Organic Product | PETA Vegan approved | Climate neutral manufacture | GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard | Carbon neutral delivery | Recycled paper mailing bag | The purchase of this item plants a new tree
EDEN ASHRAM Meditate 2.0 Premium Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt Red Simple
Meditate 2.0 Premium Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt Sale price$49.00 USD